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Consumables Ordering Service Option

April 17th, 2017 · No Comments

What does it really cost to order consumables?

Did you know that you are paying more than the invoice amount due when you order your restroom paper products and other cleaning supplies? Michael Wilson, vice president of marketing at AFFLINK says, “Significant cost savings are possible when managers take a more strategic approach to procurement. These hidden costs can be very significant.”

The three most overlooked procurement costs are:

  • Receiving and stocking orders: It can cost $5 to $10 to receive an order and $1 to $2 to stock it. Placing larger, less frequent orders can save money.
  • Placing an order: ordering by phone or fax can cost $6 to $50 per order. On-line ordering can reduce these ordering costs as much as 75%.
  • Invoicing costs: It costs $6 to $12 to process an invoice for payment. Consolidating purchases on one invoice reduces these hidden costs.

Wilson adds, “Consolidate, centralize, and purchase in bulk; this will help minimize these hidden costs.”

ServiceMaster Commercial Services offers our clients the consumables ordering service option. We compile a list of consumables used, we place the order, we receive and stock the orders and we invoice your consumable products. Orders for consumables are electronically placed into our ordering system by the ServiceMaster Commercial Services technician. Our purchase agreements with supplier’s offers competitive pricing. The orders are received and stocked by ServiceMaster Commercial Services technicians at the facility site. And you will receive the charge for consumables and facility services on one monthly invoice.

Another cost, which is often overlooked, is the purchase and installation of the paper and soap dispensers. In many cases, ServiceMaster Commercial Services can obtain and install soap and paper dispensers at no charge to the client.

The consumables ordering service option saves our clients time and money. We have many clients who have taken advantage of this service option and are delighted with the cost-saving results.

Give us a call today at 866-370-0737 to discuss your current consumables ordering process. See just how much you can save with our consumables ordering service option.

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Is Clean Clean?

April 10th, 2017 · No Comments

Defining and Measuring Cleanliness

Have you ever been dissatisfied with a cleaning company? I once had a friend who complained about housekeepers that would not dust the baseboards, the coo-coo clock up on a high shelf or move the chairs to vacuum under the dining room table. So, what may be ‘clean’ to one person may not be ‘clean’ to another person. As a professional cleaning company, ServiceMaster Commercial Services knows clean.

What is CLEAN? Clean is defined as being free from dirt, stain, or unsoiled. Published Standards of Cleanliness can be found for all types of environments: homes, daycares, medical facilities, schools, retail stores, restaurants, veterinary offices, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and warehouses. ServiceMaster Commercial Services’ well-trained technicians clean these facilities every day and adhere to their industry standards of cleanliness.

To ensure a client’s complete satisfaction with our services, ServiceMaster Commercial Services reviews any provided scope of work for the facility and then constructs a detailed task schedule for the prospective client. These tailored task schedules specifically list all areas that are going to be cleaned, each cleaning activity in that area and how frequently that activity is performed. All of our free, no-obligation quotes for commercial janitorial services includes a task schedule tailored to the needs of the facility. Assembling a task schedule with a potential client helps us identify and clarify exactly what ‘clean’ means to the client.

ServiceMaster Commercial Service technicians employ our patented Capture and Removal cleaning program as they follow the task schedules to ensure that daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual cleaning routines are performed to the client’s expectations. So, if you want that treasured memento on the high shelf dusted daily, we can do that.

Contact ServiceMaster Commercial Services today at 866-370-0737 to discuss your facility’s cleaning needs and see how our task schedules can ensure you get the ‘clean’ you want.

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Improve your indoor air quality at work and home: Go Green!

March 17th, 2017 · No Comments

Go Green with office plants. They’ve been proven to reduce indoor air pollution. They work for free, 24/7 to purify the air of VOCs.

The word is PHYTOREMEDIATION, the use of plants to reduce pollution in the air, soil or water. Remember learning in science class how plants live? Plants use photosynthesis to turn light energy and carbon dioxide into chemical energy to grow. In the late 1980s NASA experimented with plants as a possible way to purify air in space facilities. Their studies showed that plants absorb a long list of VOCs, including the two most common, benzene and formaldehyde. Many plastics, fabrics and pesticides commonly release benzene. Formaldehyde another common VOC is found in common household cleaners, detergents and some cosmetics.

Many different universities’ have researched and confirmed that indeed, indoor plants reduce air pollutants. So how exactly do plants clean the air? Plants are alive and ‘breathe’ through the pores in their leaves. They absorb the gases in the surrounding polluted air and release oxygen, filtering out the air pollution.

The University of Hawaii at Manoa did a study to find the best office plant and named the Spider Plant #1. Spider plants are highly effective in cleaning the air by removing VOCs and other indoor air pollutants. The plant is low-maintenance, grows well in indoor light and is perfect for hanging baskets or high shelves. It was also noted in the study that air-cleansing plants boost relative humidity and reduce dust in work areas.

Lemon Balm, Philodendron, Peace Lily and Golden Pothos round out the top 5 office plant picks. Check out for more information about these recommended office plants and their benefits to IAQ.

Consider unplugging the humming air purifier in the corner of the office and adding an indoor plant to remove harmful air pollutants. An indoor plant is sure to work quietly, 24/7 purifying the air.

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Importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

March 13th, 2017 · No Comments

Sniffle and sneeze season seems to have arrived with the above average temperatures we’ve had over the past few weeks. But what is really causing those sniffles and sneezes? It may be related to poor indoor air quality at home, school or work.

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) studies show that the average American spends 90% of their lives indoors and that indoor air is typically 2 to 5 times more polluted than outside air. Air ventilation systems, materials and furnishings used in a building and the cleanliness of a building are the main factors that affect IAQ.  Poor IAQ can trigger allergies, asthma and other health issues in building occupants.

Many facilities have mandated a smoke-free work environment and some have even established a fragrance-free policy for employees and visitors. These practices help to reduce indoor air pollutants. Consider working with ServiceMaster Commercial Services to further reduce indoor air pollutants. Our patented Capture and Removal cleaning system ensures that your facility is cleaned with IAQ in mind.

We offer green cleaning products which reduces exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals. We incorporate microfiber mops and cleaning clothes in our cleaning tool arsenal. Microfiber has a static charge which collects and traps dust particles versus feather dusters which simply make dust particles air borne. We use vacuums with HEPA filtration, which captures up to 99.9% of dust. And our tailored structured cleaning task schedule, unique to each of our clients, ensures that all areas of a facility are being cleaned with the proper frequency. Even the simple task of trash removal helps IAQ by reducing the use of pesticides in a building. We report leaks in the building to maintenance personnel to avoid issues of mildew or mold growth.

ServiceMaster Commercial Services, a full-service commercial janitorial company, is keenly aware of the impact poor air quality has on employee productivity and absenteeism. Put our commercial facility cleaning expertise to work in your facility to provide good IAQ for the buildings occupants and visitors. Call us today at 866-370-0373 to schedule a walk thru and receive a free, no-obligation quote on your facilities janitorial service needs.

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Patient-Centered Cleaning Program

February 17th, 2017 · No Comments

A cure for the common clean.

Patient-Center Care has brought about some radical changes to American healthcare in recent years. One of the most significant changes is how the doctor is reimbursed by the insurance company. Typically, in the past, the doctor would bill the insurance provider a Fee-For-Service provided to the patient. The reimbursement trend is turning towards a complex Value-Based-Payment structure, in which the CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) scorecards completed by the practice’s patients, may affect the amount of reimbursement received.

Patients visiting healthcare facilities throughout central PA want to feel better after visiting a doctor, not worse. In order to decrease the spread of illness from visiting a healthcare facility cleaning standards have been put in place by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and recommended best practices and guidelines from industry organizations, such as The Association for Healthcare Environment (AHE). ServiceMaster Clean has developed the Patient-Centered Cleaning Program based on these standards and industry guidelines.

Our Patient-Centered Cleaning Program ensures that your facility is cleaned to the healthcare standards set forth by the CDC to prevent the spread of illness to your clinical staff and patients. Our environmental services technicians are fully trained on HIPPA law, blood-borne pathogens, handling infectious waste and the proper cleaning processes and procedures for waiting rooms, exam rooms, dialysis centers, etc.

ServiceMaster Commercial Services understands that as environmental service providers, we directly affect your patient satisfaction ratings. Partner with us and put our extensive cleaning knowledge, proprietary cleaning methods and industry leading products to work for you. Our service area covers 11 central PA counties, consider the advantages of working with a single provider if you have multiple practice locations. Call us today at 866-370-0737 to discuss your facility’s environmental service needs.

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Accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

January 25th, 2017 · No Comments

Trust-Worthy Business

ServiceMaster Commercial Services is proud to announce that we are now accredited with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB Code of Business Practices sets high ethical standards on business advertising, selling, operations and customer service. ServiceMaster Commercial Services affirms the BBB standards in our everyday operations, with every employee and with every client. Those standards state that we: build trust within our marketplace, advertise honestly, tell the truth, be transparent, honor promises, safeguard privacy and embody integrity.

How do you know that the company you are hiring to clean your offices, warehouse, production facility, school or medical office is trust-worthy? The BBB is a good place to check out a prospective service provider. Visit the Better Business Bureau website at to verify a service provider’s accreditation, client reviews and even client complaints.

Distinguished with an A+ BBB rating, ServiceMaster Commercial Services is the commercial cleaning company to contact in Harrisburg, Hershey, Lebanon, Carlisle, Sunbury or Williamsport. We are a full service provider of janitorial cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard-surface floor maintenance, upholstery cleaning and even ceramic tile and grout cleaning for commercial buildings. Call our office today at 866-370-0737 to schedule a walk thru. Our free, no-obligation quotes are tailored to your specific scope of work.

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Reflections and Resolutions (Part 2)

January 2nd, 2017 · No Comments

Welcome 2017!

My favorite part of starting a new year is the blank calendar: a fresh start, time for setting new goals and priorities. I’ve given up on making and keeping New Year’s resolutions way back in my teens. Instead I like to set goals.

So, what is the difference between a resolution and a goal, well just look at their definitions:

Resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something.
Goal is the object of a person’s ambition and efforts; an aim or desired result.

Our human nature tends to rebel against resolutions. How many time have we resolved to eat healthier or lose weight and succumbed to the-cheesecake-for-dessert temptation when out to dinner in mid-January?  Research shows that only 8% of people that set New Year’s resolutions actually achieve them.

Setting goals is a much more successful strategy to make the changes you desire for 2017. We are all familiar with setting goals at work and at home. Some goals may be short-term, like getting all the of laundry folded and put away before the end of the day. A longer-term goal may be decluttering the house prior to listing it in the real estate market. To accomplish these goals, I must ‘schedule’ or invest time to achieve them.

Goal-setting helps you focus on your long-term vision. If they are SMART goals they will also provide you with the short-term motivation needed to accomplish them. Goal setting also helps you add purpose and meaning to your life. Keep in mind that typically your daily habits will change when you are focused on achieving a goal. Achieving a goal is like taking a journey.

Here is the S.M.A.R.T. way to set goals for 2017.

Specific – set a specific goal by answering the six ‘W’ questions:  Who, What, Where, When, Which, and Why
Measurable – when you measure your progress, you stay on track, reach your target dates and ultimately reach you goal.
Attainable – define ways you can make your goals come true, develop the attitudes, abilities, skills to reach them.
Realistic – a goal should be something you are both willing and able to work towards.
Timely – a goal without a time frame has no sense of urgency. Give yourself a deadline.

Review your goals and make sure that they motivate you. Write them down and share them with a close friend. Make your action plan and stick with it! It is fine to adjust or change your goals throughout the year. Look forward to the accomplishments and personal growth in your life as you set and achieve your 2017 goals. Happy New Year.

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Reflections and Resolutions (Part 1)

December 29th, 2016 · No Comments

There is a time for everything… and this is the time of year to reflect on the year past and prepare for the year ahead. Spending this week with the kids at home and all the holiday busyness complete I realize that the chapter of 2016 is about to end. There are events to celebrate, projects that need completed and mistakes to learn from. If you desire to glean from your past year, think about asking yourself some of these questions:

  • What new skill or knowledge did I learn?
  • What projects did I complete? What projects still need completed?
  • What were the three most significant events of the year for me?
  • What would I change about last year?
  • How have I changed over the past year?
  • What am I most grateful for?

I found it helpful to reflect on three areas of my life: personal, family, and career. Looking at my notes I can clearly see specific areas that need better balance and investment. Purpose to give the very best of yourself at home and at work. Keep it simple, be present when you are with family members or at work, and use your time wisely. I also believe in being flexible with my schedule, giving time to help others in need or take time out to think through a project.  

I am encouraged to see the growth I’ve had in each of these areas. It’s kind of like my kid’s well-visits, with the height chart. An individual that grows in knowledge, relationships and skills shows maturity and has a sense of purpose for their life. There is always something new to learn and I’m so thankful for today’s technology that allows me to learn about almost anything I can imagine.

And finally, Albert Einstein says, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” So, reflecting on last year’s mistakes, I want to remember to learn from them and allow them to be lessons that enrich and deepen my life experiences. Phyllis Theroux writes, “Mistakes are the usual bridge between inexperience and wisdom.” I intend to see my mistakes of 2016, admit them and do all that I can to correct them as I walk across the bridge into 2017.

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Grow the Economy with Supplier Diversity

December 19th, 2016 · No Comments

Diverse Women Business Enterprises directly affect the economy.

Supplier Diversity is a growing business strategy in which many corporations, government and non-profits seek to work with suppliers and service providers of all communities. The most common certified diverse businesses are Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE) and Women Business Enterprise (WBE). To obtain a diverse business status, a business must undergo a meticulous process including an in-depth review of the business and site inspection to receive certification from a third-party.

For month’s we’ve all be listening to the general election candidate’s talk about our economy and their strategies to improve the slow job market.  Here is something that is working in our economy, women-owned business enterprises (WBE). The State of Women-Owned Businesses, 2016 published report states the following statistics:

  • there are now 11.3 million women-owned businesses in the United States
  • women-owned businesses generate over $1.6 trillion in revenues
  • over the past nine years, the number of women-owned firms has grown at a rate 5X’s faster than the national average
  • employment in women-owned businesses has increased by 18% since the 2007 recession, while among all businesses employment has declined 1% since 2007

ServiceMaster Commercial Services is proud to be a certified Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) since 2014. Anita Miller Wein has owned and operated the franchise since 2010. ServiceMaster Commercial Services is a full-service janitorial services provider. We provide high quality customized cleaning services to each of our customers, whether they operate a small office, large company, medical facility or industrial complex.

Is you company committed to fostering diversity with your suppliers and vendors? Give us a call at 866-370-0737 today to talk about how ServiceMaster Commercial Services can add diversity to your list of vendors.

The 2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report can be viewed at this web address: American Express OPEN 2016 Report

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Safely Decorate the Office for the Holidays

December 5th, 2016 · No Comments

As the 2016 holiday season approaches, decoration in stores, homes and offices begin to transform these spaces into seasonal wonderlands. As you bring holiday cheer into your workplace by decorating per your company’s written policy on holiday decorations, keep the following safety guidelines in mind.

IFMA (the International Facilities Management Association) noted several safety guidelines when decorating the office. Follow these common-sense precautions: use flame retardant decorations, do not use lit candles and any lights used should be rated for indoor use. Also, be sure that decorations do not block exits or walkways and that cords do not cause a tripping hazard.

Here are just a few of our favorite office holiday touches: a dish of candy canes for clients, lights on an indoor office tree, decorated trees in the lobby area, a holiday toy or coat drive for the less fortunate, holiday music and of course a seasonal smell with scented soaps and air fresheners.

Contact ServiceMaster Commercial Services at 866-370-0737 before the holiday party, for a free, no-obligation quote on professionally cleaning your office space, freshen your restrooms and shine up your floors. And after the party, let ServiceMaster Commercial Services do the cleanup. Just be sure to tell the cleaning staff assigned to your facility that the party is over and ready to be cleaned up.

Check out our Facebook page to see some of our office decorations. Feel free to share on our Facebook page pictures of your workplace decorations and holiday office traditions. Here’s to a safe holiday season for everyone. Follow us on Facebook at ServiceMaster Commercial Services Facebook

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