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Is Clean Clean?

April 10th, 2017 · No Comments

Defining and Measuring Cleanliness

Have you ever been dissatisfied with a cleaning company? I once had a friend who complained about housekeepers that would not dust the baseboards, the coo-coo clock up on a high shelf or move the chairs to vacuum under the dining room table. So, what may be ‘clean’ to one person may not be ‘clean’ to another person. As a professional cleaning company, ServiceMaster Commercial Services knows clean.

What is CLEAN? Clean is defined as being free from dirt, stain, or unsoiled. Published Standards of Cleanliness can be found for all types of environments: homes, daycares, medical facilities, schools, retail stores, restaurants, veterinary offices, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and warehouses. ServiceMaster Commercial Services’ well-trained technicians clean these facilities every day and adhere to their industry standards of cleanliness.

To ensure a client’s complete satisfaction with our services, ServiceMaster Commercial Services reviews any provided scope of work for the facility and then constructs a detailed task schedule for the prospective client. These tailored task schedules specifically list all areas that are going to be cleaned, each cleaning activity in that area and how frequently that activity is performed. All of our free, no-obligation quotes for commercial janitorial services includes a task schedule tailored to the needs of the facility. Assembling a task schedule with a potential client helps us identify and clarify exactly what ‘clean’ means to the client.

ServiceMaster Commercial Service technicians employ our patented Capture and Removal cleaning program as they follow the task schedules to ensure that daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual cleaning routines are performed to the client’s expectations. So, if you want that treasured memento on the high shelf dusted daily, we can do that.

Contact ServiceMaster Commercial Services today at 866-370-0737 to discuss your facility’s cleaning needs and see how our task schedules can ensure you get the ‘clean’ you want.

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