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Consumables Ordering Service Option

April 17th, 2017 · No Comments

What does it really cost to order consumables?

Did you know that you are paying more than the invoice amount due when you order your restroom paper products and other cleaning supplies? Michael Wilson, vice president of marketing at AFFLINK says, “Significant cost savings are possible when managers take a more strategic approach to procurement. These hidden costs can be very significant.”

The three most overlooked procurement costs are:

  • Receiving and stocking orders: It can cost $5 to $10 to receive an order and $1 to $2 to stock it. Placing larger, less frequent orders can save money.
  • Placing an order: ordering by phone or fax can cost $6 to $50 per order. On-line ordering can reduce these ordering costs as much as 75%.
  • Invoicing costs: It costs $6 to $12 to process an invoice for payment. Consolidating purchases on one invoice reduces these hidden costs.

Wilson adds, “Consolidate, centralize, and purchase in bulk; this will help minimize these hidden costs.”

ServiceMaster Commercial Services offers our clients the consumables ordering service option. We compile a list of consumables used, we place the order, we receive and stock the orders and we invoice your consumable products. Orders for consumables are electronically placed into our ordering system by the ServiceMaster Commercial Services technician. Our purchase agreements with supplier’s offers competitive pricing. The orders are received and stocked by ServiceMaster Commercial Services technicians at the facility site. And you will receive the charge for consumables and facility services on one monthly invoice.

Another cost, which is often overlooked, is the purchase and installation of the paper and soap dispensers. In many cases, ServiceMaster Commercial Services can obtain and install soap and paper dispensers at no charge to the client.

The consumables ordering service option saves our clients time and money. We have many clients who have taken advantage of this service option and are delighted with the cost-saving results.

Give us a call today at 866-370-0737 to discuss your current consumables ordering process. See just how much you can save with our consumables ordering service option.

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