Educational Facility Cleaning in Harrisburg, PA

ServiceMaster Commercial Services provides Educational Facility Cleaning in Harrisburg, Williamsport, Carlisle, and Lebanon, PA and the surrounding communities

When we say ServiceMaster Commercial Services is a full service cleaning business, that’s just what we mean. Not only do we meet the cleaning needs of businesses all across Harrisburg, Hershey, Mechanicsburg, Williamsport, and Sunbury areas, but we also clean schools, universities and daycare facilities.

Wherever there are children, you can be sure there are spills, stains, footprints, handprints and germs. Keeping up with the children is enough of a job without having to think about keeping rooms, hallways, play areas and bathrooms clean and sanitized. ServiceMaster Commercial Services takes great care to see to it that those children have a clean healthy environment to learn and grow. We make sure our team of cleaning professionals has everything they need to do the best job possible. From cleaning supplies to equipment to training, ServiceMaster Commercial Services is equal to the toughest cleaning challenges.

Whether messes involve spilled juice, paint that missed the paper or a wall displaying unwanted artwork, we can be there to set things right. When dealing with children, bathrooms can be a virtual germ factory. When ServiceMaster Commercial Services is on the job you can be confident that the room children go to clean up has been thoroughly cleaned and properly sanitized.

Today’s universities are becoming more and more densely populated; therefore, the need for consistent high-quality service is crucial to keep them running smoothly.  ServiceMaster Commercial Services will implement state of the art processes, procedures, products and systems that assure maximum cleanliness at affordable rates. Through the use of our Capture and Removal Cleaning® system, we are able to reduce the airborne dust and VOCs in to dramatically improve the health and cleanliness of your university.

Schools, universities, and daycare facilities depend on having a clean, safe environment where children can learn, grow and play. When you call ServiceMaster Commercial Services, your staff can focus on teaching and nurturing while we focus on cleaning services and maintaining a safe and enjoyable working and learning environment.

Serving Central Pennsylvania

Serving the cities of Harrisburg, Sunbury, Lebanon, Camp Hill, Carlisle, Hershey, Mechanicsburg and surrounding communities.